Bigelow & Company, CPA in New Hampshire

Services: Tax Planning & Compliance

Minimize your tax exposure while maintaining full compliance

Tax planning & compliance services

At Bigelow & Company, our knowledge and expertise of federal and state regulations allow our CPAs to plan and implement strategies for minimizing your tax exposure, while maintaining full compliance. Our expertise includes corporate, partnership, individual and estate tax planning.

Virtually every aspect of our business and personal lives has its own unique tax implications. Each situation must be scrutinized and evaluated to attain the most favorable tax treatment under the law.

Bigelow tax services includes:

  • Tax planning for individuals and businesses
  • Tax return preparation and review
  • Entity structuring to minimize the tax burden
  • Tax planning for the disposition of your business
  • Planning for the alternative minimum tax
  • Cost segregation
  • Audit and examination support
  • Federal and state
  • Tax planning for mergers and acquisitions

Bigelow offers several useful tools for tax planning.